Migrating VM Disk to a various container on ahv

Migrating VM Disk to a various container on ahv

Solutions, as soon as we need certainly to go a vm disk to a container that is different the exact same AHV Cluster.

For e.g. : we might like to go this VM Disk on a container with De-Dupliction Disabled. To relocate a machine’s that is virtual to a new container on a single AHV group, after actions are needed:

Needs for the Move:

  • Source Container ID (where in actuality the vmdisk is found initially)
  • Destination Container ID (our target container in the cluster that is same
  • VM Disk(s) UUID (UUID of every disk we have to go “acli vm.get ”)
  • Power-off the VM

Overview of procedures:

  • Determine the vmdisk_uuid of every digital disk on the VM.
  • Ensure that the VM which is why the VMdisk we have been migrating is driven down.
  • Utilize the Acropolis Image provider to clone the supply digital Disk(s) into Image(s) regarding the target container.
  • Connect the disk through the Acropolis Image(s) which created in step three to your VM.
  • Take away the VM disk that is hosted regarding the initial container
  • Optional: get rid of the cloned VMdisk from image solutions

Detailed Procedures:

Why don’t we use the exemplory instance of a VM named “EXAMPLE_VM”

we must login up to a cvm and perform the command that is following have more information about “EXAMPLE_VM” :

With all the above demand we shall obtain the output that is following

From the aforementioned command you can view that the EXAMPLE_VM ‘ VM has 3 disks. The disks

on scsi.2 and scsi.0 are hosted on container with ID 8118 whilst the disk on scsi.1 is on

container ID 1795364.

Tip : You can drop in the acli command shell whenever logged on to your cvm also it provides tab conclusion.

  • Action -1 : Power off the vm

From the acli demand line :

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